Monday, June 18, 2007

Crab crab and more crab

It was father's day yesterday and as cobe and I wandered around Costco dodging the onslaught of carts we idly wondered what to do for father's day.

And then we saw the crab. Alaskan king, legs as long as my arm, hard to imagine the whole animal. We got 3 pounds. They were precooked so I debated what to do, steam them? Roast them in the oven? Throw them on the grill?

I got two pots steaming and threw them in, as some small red potatoes roasted in the oven with salt and olive oil and rosemary. I made a salad...mixed herb greens tossed with frantoia olive oil. Then tossed with sea salt, black pepper, lemon zest. Finally a squeeze of lemon. It's italian and the flavors are layered instead of mixed. It's somehow both simple and beautiful, like a young girl in a sundress.

Finally the crab was ready, the potatoes were hot and we all sat down and cracked the crab into melted butter. Just amazing.

Crab: A
Salad: A
Potatoes: B