Saturday, October 27, 2007

Composed sandwiches

Our typical saturday...I drove out to Marymoor early to play ultimate, and then came home starving. Luckily I remembered to stop at the store. I picked some jalapeno bagels, salami, mixed greens, and roasted tomatoes.

I know what you're thinking. But really and truly, jalapeno bagels are amazing. They were Jacobe's find, I can't take the credit myself. I was very suspicious. I'm an H&H bagels snob ( . But when you cut them thinly and toast them in the oven they come out amazing. You wouldn't even guess it was jalapeno if someone fed them to you blindfolded.

So that's what I did, cut them thinly, toasted them, and spread them with some leftover vinaigarette from the other day. I've taken to making one with olive oil, pear vinegar and a splash of balsamic. I'm kind of addicted. Then I added thinly sliced reggiano, a few slices of really nice peppery salami, some arugula, and the roasted tomatoes.

Just beautiful. The soft tomatoes with the spicy salami, the bitter arugula, the sweetness of the vinaigarette, the creamy nutty reggiano, and the toasty warm slightly spicy bagel.

By the way...roasted tomatoes are easy. Just throw cut tomatoes cut side down on a piece of foil and cook them at 200-250 until they collapse. Maybe spread a little olive oil over their backs. Divine.

Sandwiches: B+

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