Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cookies that will rock your world

I know. Cookie season is over. I was in the grocery store this morning, driving home from work and there were like 3 people there. I haven't seen that few people in our grocery store since October.

"You should've seen it yesterday," the checkout lady said, "it was crazy. All buying wine and beer and avocados."

A month of cooking and decorating and parties and then it's over. The city feels stark. Like an old woman who's taken off her makeup.

But I have to say. If you ever make another cookie again, you should make the molasses ginger chocolate chip cookies from Orangette. They have this deep molasses flavor infused with crystallized ginger and bittersweet chocolate. All she says they are and more. The snickerdoodles from the food network aren't bad either, but I'm not really a snickerdoodle type of gal. I made them for Jacobe. He loved them. But even he loved the molasses ginger chocolate chip more.

Both recipes are on-line:

molasses ginger chocolate chip

Incidentally, Orangette's blog rocks.

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